Stainless Steel Checker Plate
Steel plates with patterns on the surface are called pattern plates, and their patterns are in a mixed shape of lentil, rhombus, round bean, and oblate.
Material Classification Of Checker Plate:
● Carbon Steel Checker Plate
● Stainless Steel Checker Plate
● Galvanized Steel Checker Plate
● Aluminum Checker Plate
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Product Description

Product NameChecker Plate
Thicknessas required
Width600-2000mm or as required
Length1-12m or as required
MaterialCarbon Steel/Stainless Steel/Galvanized/Aluminum etc
ApplicationBoiler Plate;Building industry ,structural use, roofing, commercial use ,household appliance, industry facilities,office buildings,Container Plate,automobile making,Electrical appliance, Locomotive and car, airlines
Processing ServiceBending, Welding, Decoiling, Cutting, Punching, Polishing
PackagingStandard Export Seaworthy Package.
payent termL/C T/T(30% Deposit)

Product Show

Carbon Steel Checker Plate



1. High hardness: Carbon steel pattern plates have been treated with high temperature and pressure during the production process. They have high hardness and are not easily deformed.

2. Excellent mechanical properties: The carbon steel pattern plate has excellent mechanical properties such as tensile strength, yield strength and elongation, which also provides strong support for its application.

3. Good wear resistance: Because the surface of the carbon steel pattern plate has been embossed, the depth of the pattern is relatively shallow and will not cause serious wear during use.

4. Good anti-corrosion performance: The surface of the carbon steel pattern plate has been treated and is not easy to rust during use.

Galvanized Steel Checker Plate



1. Exquisite appearance and strong anti-corrosion performance: During the process of choosing and using it, you can find that its appearance is not only very beautiful, but its overall anti-corrosion performance is also very strong. After mastering these basic characteristics, many people feel that it can be widely used in the construction industry or some factories, that is, it can Play a very good decorative effect.

2. Reasonable cost and high wear resistance: If you choose to use galvanized pattern plate, you can also find that the actual cost of the product is very reasonable, and it has strong wear resistance. After treatment, it has good strength, so it has a wide range of functions in the current market.

3. Long service life: Good stretch performance, good impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel Checker Plate



1. The material is very strong and durable and not easy to be worn;

2. Strong bearing capacity and not easy to deform;

3. Not easy to rust in humid environment;

4. No harmful substances will be produced at high temperatures to harm human health, and the appearance is beautiful and bright.

Aluminum Checker Plate



1. Low density: The density of aluminum and aluminum alloys is close to 2.7g/, and the strength of aluminum and aluminum alloys is high. The strength of the matrix can be strengthened through a certain degree of cold working, and some brands of aluminum alloys can also be strengthened through heat treatment.

2. Good electrical and thermal conductivity: The electrical and thermal conductivity of aluminum is second only to silver, copper and gold.

3. High aesthetics: Advanced electrostatic spraying technology enables uniform adhesion between the paint and the aluminum plate, with various colors and a large selection space.

4. Easy processing: After adding certain alloying elements, cast aluminum alloys with good casting properties or deformed aluminum alloys with good processing plasticity can be obtained. The aluminum plates are light in weight, high in tensile strength, good in elongation, and have high recycling residual value.

5. Good corrosion resistance: The surface of aluminum is prone to naturally produce a dense and strong protective film, which can well protect the substrate from corrosion. Through artificial anodizing and coloring, cast aluminum alloys with good casting properties or deformed aluminum alloys with good processing plasticity can be obtained, with a service life of several decades.

Packing And Shipping





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Q: Are You Manufacture or Trade Company?
A: We are the professional steel manufacturer located in Shandong province, China. Welcome to contact us and visit our factory before you place orders.
Q: How do you guarantee the quality?
A: We can send free samples to you, we can accept third-party testing.
We also have test certificate, every batch goods will be testing before shipment, and the testing report will delivery to you with your goods.
Q: Can I get free samples?
A: Of course you can. We can produce according to your samples or technical drawings. Contact us by whatsapp or email to get free samples and you will get the sample after 3-7 working days.
Q: What is the MOQ? 
A: If you are scheduling to place a small quantity order or trial order, feel free to contact us, we can meet your requirements.
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A: Yes, we have a strong developing team. The products can be made according to your request

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