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We are here to sell some steel scrap from production, the price is beyond value, contact me now for a quote.
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The company sells the surplus scrap metal after cutting and drilling in the overproduction all the year round, and the supply quantity is stable. Please contact us for details. Our sales staff will certainly give you a satisfactory answer.


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Scrap steel refers to unqualified or discarded steel produced through smelting, manufacturing or other industrial processes. The recycling and utilization of scrap steel is of great significance for resource conservation and environmental protection. Scrap steel can be classified according to its uses, mainly including remanufacturing, metallurgy, construction and energy uses.

First, remanufacturing purposes:

Scrap steel can be re-produced into high-quality steel through remanufacturing processes, such as melting, rolling, etc. Remanufactured scrap steel is mainly used in manufacturing industrial products such as automobiles, ships, machinery and equipment. For example, after used cars are recycled, the scrap steel can be remanufactured into new auto parts to realize the recycling of resources.

Second, metallurgical use:

Fangsteel plays an important role in governing the whole industry. Scrap steel can be used to make steel furnaces, melting furnaces and other refining equipment. In addition, scrap steel can also be used as a gold treatment raw material and other metal alloys for smelting, to produce high strength, high wear resistance of alloy products. The metallurgical use of scrap helps to improve the quality and properties of steel while reducing the need for raw materials.


Q: Are You Manufacture or Trade Company?
A: We are the professional steel manufacturer located in Shandong province, China. Welcome to contact us and visit our factory before you place orders.
Q: How do you guarantee the quality?
A: We can send free samples to you, we can accept third-party testing.
We also have test certificate, every batch goods will be testing before shipment, and the testing report will delivery to you with your goods.
Q: Can I get free samples?
A: Of course you can. We can produce according to your samples or technical drawings. Contact us by whatsapp or email to get free samples and you will get the sample after 3-7 working days.
Q: What is the MOQ? 
A: If you are scheduling to place a small quantity order or trial order, feel free to contact us, we can meet your requirements.
Q: Can you OEM or ODM?
A: Yes, we have a strong developing team. The products can be made according to your request

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